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Key of Valor Summary
Nora Roberts

Everything you need to understand or teach Key of Valor by Nora Roberts.

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Key of Valor Summary

Plot Summary

"Key of Valor" by Nora Roberts is the third book in Roberts' Key Trilogy. The basis of the trilogy is that three women have been asked by ancient gods to help free three demigoddesses trapped in glass boxes by an evil sorcerer.

The main character in this part of the trilogy is Zoe McCourt. Zoe and her two close friends, introduced in "Key of Light" and "Key of Knowledge," have decided to open a business named Indulgence. Each woman has her specialty.

The story begins with Zoe's history. Zoe was raised by a hardened mother and alcoholic father. When Zoe was twelve, her father took off with another man's wife. Zoe's mother, Crystal, became harder than ever and Zoe became caretaker to the family. In order to make ends meet Crystal opened a beauty salon in her home. Zoe worked there with her on a daily basis while...

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