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Depression The term depression has been used to refer both to an emotional state and a group of psychiatric disorders. As an emotional state, it is also known by various comparable terms: dejection, d... Read more
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Sharpe, Eric J. SHARPE, ERIC J. Eric John Sharpe (1933–2000) was born in Lancashire, England, into a family of straitened circumstances during the Great Depression. The first in his family to u... Read more
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1930s: the Great Depression Disrupts America After the Roaring Twenties, when business boomed and people thought the future looked bright, the stock market crash on October 29, 1929, seemed a minor pr... Read more
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1930s: the Way We Lived The Great Depression (1929–41) that started with the stock market crash of October 29, 1929, affected almost every part of people's lives during the 1930s. The op... Read more
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1940s: Commerce The 1940s were a time of incredible growth for American business. The country had recovered from the Great Depression (1929–41) and the war and government spending helped Americ... Read more
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1940s: the Way We Lived The Great Depression (1929–41) had plunged millions of Americans into poverty. Although New Deal programs had helped many, at the beginning of World War II (1939–... Read more
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Great Depression Timeline January 17, 1920 The Eighteenth Amendment, known as Prohibition, goes into effect, banning the sale and manufacture of all alcoholic beverages in the United States. 1921&#... Read more
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Minority Groups and the Great Depression As difficult as the economic crisis of the Great Depression was for white Americans, it was even harder on racial minorities, including black Americans, Mexica... Read more
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Everyday Living In the 1930s the economic crisis known as the Great Depression rippled through the United States, affecting almost all American families. The crash of the New York Stock Exchange in Oc... Read more
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Riding the Rails It was 1932 in the United States. Hard times of the Great Depression had hit. Pulling into a rail yard of a small town on an early misty morning was a long freight train. Even before ... Read more
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End of the Great Depression The 1930s were a troubled decade, economically and politically, throughout much of the world. In the United States the stock market crash in 1929 and the economic depressio... Read more
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Crisis of the Great Depression Exciting, fascinating, entertaining, prosperous—all these terms describe the decade of the 1920s, commonly known as the Roaring Twenties. The U.S. population was ... Read more
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Everyday Living The Great Depression, the worst economic crisis in U.S. history, affected almost all Americans and their families to some degree. Only the very rich avoided having to make lifestyle ch... Read more
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Youth Riding the Rails By 1932 an army of 250,000 boys and a scattering of girls were wandering about the United States on the railways. The hardships of the Great Depression pushed ever-increasing nu... Read more
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Literature and Songs of the Great Depression Every period of U.S. history has produced unique varieties of American literature. The Great Depression (1929–41), the most severe economic crisis t... Read more
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Wartime Politics Before World War II, during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the main political concerns in the United States involved social and economic issues. During the war, which lasted from ... Read more
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Depression One of the most common modern emotional complaints, depression is sometimes referred to as "the common cold of psychiatric illness." In its everyday usage, the word "de... Read more
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Great Depression Starting in 1929 and ending with America's entry into World War II in 1941, the Great Depression marked a turning point in American history by establishing the enlarged federal... Read more
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Depression Depression is a psychoneurotic disorder characterized by lingering sadness, inactivity, and difficulty in thinking and concentration. A significant increase or decrease in appetite and time... Read more
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Depression Depression is an illness caused by biochemical imbalance in the brain. It is characterized by persistent feelings of anxiety; sadness; helplessness; hopelessness; worthlessness; pessimism; ... Read more
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Depression Introduction The term "depression" covers a wide range of thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. It is also one of the most commonly used terms to describe a wide range of negativ... Read more
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1930s: Food and Drink Many people had enjoyed luxuries during the prosperous 1920s, with its easy credit and installment (regular payment) plans, but the 1930s were a different story. Families across ... Read more
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Ten Years of Not Knowing An Economic Solution Hoover's Depression Millions on the Move The Farming Crisis A New President The Bank Holiday The Fireside Chats Immediate Action The Civilian Conservatio... Read more