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Geography Club Summary
Brent Hartinger

Everything you need to understand or teach Geography Club by Brent Hartinger.

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Geography Club Summary

Plot Summary

Geography Club is a novel by Brent Hartinger. The story follows the main character, Russel Middlebrook, as he tries to come to terms with the fact that he is a gay teenager, while also trying to hide his sexuality from everyone else. When Russel discovers that one of the baseball stars and popular guys in school, Kevin Land, is also gay, Russel feels as if he finally has someone that he can be completely honest with. As Russel and Kevin start a romantic relationship, Russel also decides it is time to tell one of his best friends, Min, that he is gay. Min reveals that she is bisexual and has a lesbian girlfriend.

Russel, Min, Terese, Min's girlfriend, Ike, Min's friend, and Kevin all agree to meet at the local pizza parlor. Since they are all gay, lesbian, or bisexual, this group meeting allows the individuals to feel...

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