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Of the many changes one should consider making to the current education system in America, perhaps the most radical and the most beneficial would be the removal or the revamping of the testing method.... Read more
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Let's fire all teacher, get 40 students per classroom, lower test scores, and a bad reputation for education system, California. We need to keep doing what we're doing, unless we want to improve our... Read more
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When one thinks about Hispanics, all too often the image of a field full of migrant workers picking fruit or vegetables in the hot sun comes to mind. This has become the stereotypical picture of ... Read more
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The frontier spirit had an enormous impact on American values and theses values are still important today. This is why many parents in the United States try to educate their children to be self-con... Read more
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Preschool are very effective to children's growth because it is the first place where the children are in contact with the world outside their homes. Depending on culture and political systems, each c... Read more
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Public schools in America were regarded as the best public schools in the world up to the 1970's. Today, compared to the development of Asian and European schools, American schools are ranked as som... Read more
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In most countries, children are required to attend some sort of educational institute up to a certain level. After a certain age, they have the choice to choose to continue to go to school or... Read more
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To be educated and being able to prosper in life is the number one goal to most individuals. In every country it is a benefit to go to school and to be enlightened by the wise. But of course every... Read more
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In my eyes, the ideal classroom setting would have to based on the subject-matter, person administrating the lesson(s), and the audience it is being presented to. Ideally, as long as students are cor... Read more
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Horace Mann, in a report to the Massachusetts Board of Education, states: "According to the European Theory men are divided into classes- some toil and earn, others seize and enjoy. [...] The distanc... Read more