Easy Prey Summary
John Sandford

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Easy Prey Summary

Most of the themes of Easy Prey are submerged in the large social concerns. For example, concerns regarding violence and the influence of the media find expression in the contrast between civilization and nature. When comparing the big city and its suburbs to small cities out in the country, Tom Olson says, "We see it in Fargo, but you can still fight it there. Here . . . this place is gone. Too late for this place. Too late.

You'll see." Smaller, rural towns, closer to nature/are more protected from the dangers present in the big cities.

Sandford reinforces the contrast between nature and culture with his protagonist's entry into the story. Davenport begins the book out at his country cabin on a lake. He goes for a friendly morning of companionable fishing with a friend. We see how he allows a neighbor to store a tractor at his place...

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