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Colonial Women The story of the colonial era has usually been told as if white European males acted alone in settling North America. Prior to the mid-twentieth century, history books generally gave on... Read more
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Old World Models. Throughout history all societies have had sports of some kind. The Native Americans had a long history of both team games and individual contests. Some of the team sports were also ... Read more
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Old World Customs. European colonists came to America with assumptions about what constituted a good house, family, farm, community, food, and entertainment. They drew these ideas from what they had ... Read more
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Transplantation. The European settlement of the New World, with its subjugation of the native peoples between 1492 and 1900, constitutes one of the largest migrations of peoples in human history. Eur... Read more
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English Precedents. It is vital when studying colonial history to recognize that the American provinces descended from and were still part of a rich Old World past. It is a mistake to automatically p... Read more
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Early Exploration. English exploration and settlement of the Atlantic seaboard of North America began at the end of the sixteenth century. This development followed Spanish and French exploration dur... Read more
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The Limits of Taste in Seventeenth-Century British America. The homeland of the first English colonists boasted a culture of high artistic achievement. William Shakespeare was still writing plays as ... Read more
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Major Powers and Leaders Major Conflicts Read more