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Bloodlines Summary
Richelle Mead

Everything you need to understand or teach Bloodlines by Richelle Mead.

  • Bloodlines Summary & Study Guide

Bloodlines Summary

Plot Summary

Bloodlines is the first novel in the international bestselling series of novels by Richelle Mead. In this novel, the main character and narrator, Sydney Sage describes the worlds that exist between humans, vampires, and Alchemists. Alchemists, which is the race that Sydney belongs to, are responsible for protecting humans from vampires. When one vampire race, the Morois, have rogue Morois attack their new Moroi Queen, Vasilia Dragomir, and her sister Jillian Dragomir, the Moroi decide it is best to send Jill away until the revolution settles down. The Moroi law states that a queen can only become queen if she has a sibling, so if the rogue Morois are able to kill off Jill, then they can also remove Vasilisa as queen.

The mission requires three groups to come together in order to pull it off. They consist of the Moroi, the dhamphirs, and the Alchemists. The main...

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