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As a Driven Leaf Summary
Milton Steinberg

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As a Driven Leaf Summary

Plot Summary

As a Driven Leaf derives its title from the Biblical passage in Job: "Wherefore hidest Though Thy face...Wilt Thou harass a driven leaf?" It is an historical fiction about Elisha ben Abuyah, a Rabbi who lived in the time soon after Christ, who was a member of the Sanhedrin until his ex-communication, and lived most of his life in Antioch, Syria. It is the story of a man who questions his faith and tries to regain it through a search of literature, history, science and math over his lifetime of studies, only to realize too late that his search for truth without faith is an empty quest.

The novel begins with Elisha's birth in Palestine, to a mother who dies giving him life, and a father who is known in the Jewish community as a Greek sympathizer. Elisha lives with his father and his education includes Greek...

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