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2010: Odyssey Two Summary
Arthur C. Clarke

Everything you need to understand or teach 2010 by Arthur C. Clarke.

  • 2010: Odyssey Two Summary & Study Guide

2010: Odyssey Two Summary

Plot Summary

"2010: Odyssey Two", is a novel of space and scientific exploration, written by legenday science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke as a sequel to one of his most popular books. Dr. Heywood Floyd is recruited by his government and Russia's government alike in order to accompany space shuttle Leonov's crew to Jupiter to determine what happened to American spacecraft Discovery ten years earlier. Though the journey is long, Floyd and several other Americans are put into hibernation for much of the journey. Leonov is to board the now deserted Discovery and determine what caused the malfunction of the ships computer, known as Hal. The ship is also supposed to investigate the mysterious monolith similar to the one once found hovering over Tycho crater on the moon.

Floyd is brought out of hibernation early by a sudden and unexpected emergency. As Leonov approaches, still millions of miles from Jupiter, a...

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