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Defining Democracy and Absolutism

Summary: Defines and compares Democracy and Absolutism. Considers how each form of government was used during the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe.
During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, there were many different types of governments that reigned throughout the world. Many of these forms include governments such as the Empire, the Democracy, Absolutism, and Theocracy. Focusing in on just two of these governments, Democracy and Absolutism were most commonly used in Europe during these times. These two forms of government were completely different from each other, yet it is believed that the Democracy was most effective during that time era.

Absolutism is a type of government in which one ruler, usually a king, has total and absolute power. It is usually ruled as a tyrannical dictatorship where the king can do anything he wants, and can persecute, imprison, or kill anyone he pleases. In the book "The Prince," by Machiavelli, a fifteenth century writer, he states that it is necessary to rule in an absolute manner in order to have people fear him and not think he is weak. For if he is thought to be weak, his authority might be challenged (doc. 1). Like the Ancient Chinese Dynasties had the Mandate of Heaven, there is something called Divine Law (k).

A Democracy is a type of government by the people, exercised either directly through them or through elected representatives.

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