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Macbeth and the Floating Dagger

Summary: Macbeth and the significance of the floating dagger.
In act II sc I in the play Macbeth the floating dagger represents Macbeth's desire of killing Duncan. His mind is been working on the planning the murder for so long that even when Macbeth is awake he sees the dagger pointing to Duncan. Freud talks about this and he says that dreams are wish fulfillments and in this case, Macbeth was daydreaming about something he wants to do, but still cannot achieve.

Freud says that every dream is a wish that needs to be fulfilled. Macbeth is having hallucinations about this desire because he knows it is wrong to kill Duncan. Even though he is still thinking about it and it makes Macbeth's mind picture a fulfillment for his desire to kill Duncan.

Also the dagger could represent Macbeth's penis. Freud explanations say that behind every dream there is a sexual issue and that the goal of every human is to procreate and extend their offspring. In the play, Macbeth wants to be the king and the dagger symbolizes Macbeth's penis. This means that Macbeth wanted to be a king and he wanted his sons to be kings too; so him and his offspring could rule.

In conclusion the dagger means Macbeth's desire to kill Duncan, he sees the blood and the dagger pointing at Duncan. The dagger also represents Macbeth's desire to expand his offspring to be the king and leave behind his sons to rule for him. Freud says that the subconscious of Macbeth is coming out and it is telling him to make his desire and deepest dream come true. Macbeth hallucinates about this because he is about to murder Duncan and all this feelings are coming out. Macbeth might be feeling guilty about his thoughts and that is why he sees himself with the dagger and pointing to Duncan.

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