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Enders Game Outline

Summary: Discusses theme, tone, and provides a general outline.
Ender's Game


Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, is a science fiction book. The book follows a young boy named Ender as he is sent to space to save the world from alien invaders.


In Ender's Game aliens have invaded earth twice. The first invasion was a small invasion and was easily overcome, but the second invasion was nearly the end of humanity as we know it. But thanks to a man named Mazer Rackham the invasion was stopped. Now in order to save earth they are training children to be pilots and commanders to attack and destroy the aliens.


Ender's Game is set mostly in military installations in space.

Character I.D.:

The main character in this book is Ender and because of him earth was able to defeat an alien invasion. Ender was trained using a game to command ships in battle and without Ender knowing, the game was used to command real ships to destroy the aliens. Two other important characters in this book are Ender's brother Peter and his sister Valentine. Peter and Valentine both remained on earth while Ender was in space. Through a political chat room they were able to influence people's opinions and through this, Peter was able to obtain a high political position. Another main character was Colonel Graff, who was in charge of the military training ship that Ender was on. Graff watched Ender while he was on the ship and helped make Ender into a great commander. A man named Mazer Rackham trained Ender in the final steps of his training and watched Ender as he used that training to defeat the aliens.


The military found the smartest kids and trained them to command ships using a video game. After the children learned how to use the video game, the military, without the children knowing, changed the game so that they were actually commanding real ships.


The tone of the story was very serious and tense with a lot of action.


The writing contained denotation, imagery, and similes. Orson Scott Card was very good at describing the scenery and made it very easy to picture.

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