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Medicine, World War I The Great War was a staging ground of carnage, diseases, and psychological disorders on scale that dwarfs suffering in peace time. Millions of people who otherwise would have esc... Read more
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"Oh, Play It, Mr. Man!": Harlem Nightlife Is Hot The 1920s were interesting and unusual years in America's history. World War I (1914–18) had ended and the economy was stro... Read more
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Transition to Peacetime and Home Front Legacies The transition to peacetime was under way on the home front by 1944, though World War II (1939–45) was still raging abroad. In 1943 full industri... Read more
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World War I The Great War (World War I), fought between 1914 and 1918, was one of the most decisive events of the twentieth century. The political and economic catastrophes in its wake led to another,... Read more
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Mediation Commission, World War I United States 1917-1918 Synopsis When the United States entered World War I in 1917, it faced a mobilization crisis. Throughout the country, labor unrest was rampant ... Read more