Wildwood (Wildwood Chronicles) Summary
Ellis, Carson and Meloy, Colin

Everything you need to understand or teach Wildwood (Wildwood Chronicles) by Ellis, Carson and Meloy, Colin.

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Wildwood (Wildwood Chronicles) Overview

Wildwood is a children's fantasy novel that follows Prue McKeel and her classmate Curtis Mehlberg into the Impassable Wilderness to rescue Prue's baby brother who has been abducted by crows. As the two discover an entire world of people and talking animals, they also uncover a sinister plot by an evil ruler to destroy the land and people of Wildwood. With the aid of brave birds, wild bandits, an elderly Mystic and her army of farmers, the pair take on the evil Governess and rescue baby Mac. In the process, Prue and Curtis discover truths about themselves. The novel addresses themes of friendship, belonging, deal making, peace versus war, and heroism.

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