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Jane Yolen

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White Jenna Summary

The character Jenna is engaged in a quest for self, a central theme which works on various levels. Jenna's identity relates to questions of life's dualities, women's independence, gender relations and social duty. Throughout the novel, Jenna leads the dual life of private person and folk heroine. She is regarded in spite of herself as a prophesied savior, a "holiest of sisters," because of her white hair, dark eyes, and unusual three-times-orphaned status. Jenna is also strong and exceptionally gifted in all things. "Your coming is the beginning and it is the end," she is told.

The theme of social responsibility is developed through Jenna's acquiescence in necessity. Jenna sets aside the alienation she feels from prophecy to play the part of the White Goddess or Anna, savior, because she is convinced that a strong leader must take control.

Initially at stake is the survival of the independent...

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