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The Germans realised that they were fighting a battle they had already lost, the First World War ended on 11th November 1918. The fate of Germany was left in the hands of France, Britain and the USA... Read more
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`Left-wing movements have tended to be unisex, and asexual in their imagery. Right-wing movements, however puritanical and repressive the realities they usher in, have an erotic surface. Certainly Naz... Read more
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The fall of the Weimar Republic and democratic government in Germany occurred for a variety of reasons. Historians like Kurt Sontheimer have blamed the people of Germany for not wanting a democratic g... Read more
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I think the Weimar Republic was lucky to survive this far. It suffered some huge economic and financial crises, and I would have thought that it would have lost all the faith it had from its people. T... Read more