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Solid Waste, Measuring We usually know where things come from. The food we buy comes from farms, practically everything else we own comes from factories, and the raw materials to make them come from m... Read more
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Waste Disposal One of the consequences of a modern society is the generation of enormous amounts of waste. The scale of materials use by industrialized countries dwarfs that of a century ago. By 2000 ... Read more
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Waste Disposal Waste management is the handling of discarded materials. Recycling and composting, which transform waste into useful products, are forms of waste management. The management of waste als... Read more
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Elimination of Waste The conversion of foodstuff to energy and various body processes produces excess compounds that cannot be used by the body. They must be removed or else the body will become toxic... Read more
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Waste Disposal The massive amount of waste generated every day is a hallmark of affluent, modern society. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), municipal solid waste--a combination o... Read more
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Waste Control and Environmental Cleanup Scientists have known for many years that microorganisms, particularly bacteria, are capable of removing contaminants from water, soil, and sediments. This abil... Read more
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Permanent Retrievable Storage Permanent retrievable storage is a method for handling highly toxic hazardous wastes on a long-term basis. At one time, it was widely believed that the best way of deal... Read more
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Small Quantity Generator Small quantity generators (SQGs) are facilities that do not generate more than 2,205 lb (1,000 kg) of regulated hazardous waste or more than 2.2 lb (1 kg) of acute hazardous... Read more
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Solid Waste Solid waste is composed of a broad array of materials discarded by households, businesses, industries, and agriculture. The United States generates more than 11 billion tons (10 billion ... Read more
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Solid Waste Recycling and Recovery Recycling is the recovery and reuse of materials from wastes. Solid waste recycling refers to the reuse of manufactured goods from which resources such as steel, c... Read more
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Solid Waste Volume Reduction Solid waste volume reduction can take place at several points in the waste management process. Solid waste volume reduction can take the form of precycling or reuse beha... Read more
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Source Separation Source separation is the segregation of different types of solid waste at the location where they are generated (a household or business). The number and types of categories into w... Read more
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Toxics Use Reduction Legislation In recent years, such disasters resulting from toxic chemicals as those at Love Canal, New York, and in Bhopal, India, have increased awareness of the hazards associ... Read more
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Transfer Station The regional disposal of solid waste requires a multi-stage system of collection, transport, consolidation, delivery, and ultimate disposal. Many states and counties have established ... Read more
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Urban Contamination In urban areas where there has been extensive reshaping of the land surface, disturbance from building and road construction, land-filling, and additions of a variety of chemical... Read more
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Waste Exchange Getting rid of industrial waste poses many problems for those who generate it. With environmental restraints enforced by fines, companies must minimize waste at its source, recycle it... Read more
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Waste Management The way that we manage our waste materials is a sign of the times. In our agrarian past, throwing garbage out into the street for roving pigs to eat seemed like a perfectly reasonab... Read more
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Waste Reduction Waste reduction aims to reduce environmental pollution by minimizing the generation of waste. It is also often an economically viable option because it requires an efficient use of r... Read more
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Injection Well Injection wells use high-pressure pumps to inject liquid wastes into under-ground geologic formations (e.g., sandstone or sedimentary rocks with high porosity). Many geologists believe ... Read more
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Waste, International Trade In During the past three decades, one of the most persistent international environmental issues has been the toxic waste trade between industrialized countries and less deve... Read more
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Waste, Transportation Of The transportation of waste is the movement of waste over a specific area by trains, tankers, trucks, barges, or other vehicles. The types of wastes that may be transported ra... Read more