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Fans and players are anxiously awaiting the start of the game. The players are jumping and fidgeting around on the court waiting for the referee to blow her whistle to issue the start of the game. T... Read more
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A kill in volleyball is defined as the hitting of a ball with a force that makes the return impossible. So when a player sends a ball over the net and the other team cannot play it, the player is ... Read more
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When a player sets a ball, she wraps his hands around the curvature of the ball. The greater surface area the player's hands cover, the more control she has on the ball. Once the ball is set, she uses... Read more
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The sport of volleyball originated in the United States. It was invented by William G. Morgan in 1895. The original name for the game was "mintonette." During a demonstration game, someone remarked... Read more
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As stated by Amezdroz et al, (2004) "Biomechanics is the study of how living things move, and the efficiency of movement, in particular. Biomechanics is used to" Provide valid reasons for observed eff... Read more