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Zachary Mason

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Void Star Overview

Irina, an artificial intelligence expert with a memory implant that provides her with perfect recall, investigates powerful and autonomous AI that influence people's lives without their knowledge. Kern, a monk-like street fighter who lives in the city's favelas, steals a valuable cellphone that puts him in danger. He follows the voice of a woman over the phone who provides him with a mission. Thales, the son of an assassinated Brazilian politician who lives in Los Angeles, suspects that his memory implant has been manipulated by his surgeon, to keep secrets of his past away from him. Irina, Kern, and Thales come together to uncover the truth about AI's influence over their lives. The novel explores the blurred lines between the real and the virtual, advances in artificial intelligence, the significance of memories, violence and asceticism, and the future of poverty and wealth.