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Velocity The term velocity is often confused with speed; to understand the concept of velocity, it is helpful to first understand what is meant by speed.Average speed is determined by dividing the dis... Read more
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Differentiating Distance and Velocity The kinematic quantities of distance and velocity are some of the most basic concepts in introductory physics. The differential of each of these quantities is ver... Read more
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Instantaneous Velocity Instantaneous velocity is the vector expression of the speed an object is moving at any given second. That is, it takes into account both how fast the object is moving and in wh... Read more
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Integrating Acceleration and Velocity The ideas of acceleration and velocity are quite familiar to anyone who drives a car, and most people use their integration indirectly, without knowing they are d... Read more
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Velocity and Acceleration Vectors Mathematically a vector in the plane is just an ordered pair of real numbers. Physicists tend to embellish this rather spare definition so that their vectors are repr... Read more
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Moving Objects and Velocity When an object moves, its position changes as a function of time, which is the definition of displacement. The distance (d) of the displacement is a scalar quantity and the... Read more
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Relativistic Velocity Transformation Consider two inertial observers. One, Jonathan, sits on a railroad train, which is traveling to the right with a constant velocity u, as measured by Nicholas, who ... Read more
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Velocity Velocity is the time rate of change of the position of a body. Mathematically, velocity is a vector quantity having direction as well as magnitude. Speed, on the other hand, is a scalar quant... Read more
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Velocity Velocity is the rate of change of an object’s distance with time. The velocity of an object includes specification of its direction. For example, the velocity of a car may be 60 miles per h... Read more