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Truth TRUTH. The concept of religious truth expresses various aspects of human experience: reality that is permanent, immeasurable, unconcealed, effective, powerful; personal character that is sincere... Read more
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Truth In their search for truth, many of the great philosophers have looked to mathematics as a paradigm for how such a search should be undertaken. The reason is that mathematicians have a very preci... Read more
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Knowledge and Truth, the Value Of Questions concerning the value of knowledge and truth range from those that suggest complete skepticism about such value to those that reflect more discriminating con... Read more
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Truth Theories of truth investigate truth as a property of one's thoughts and speech. We attribute truth and falsity to a wide variety of so-called truth-bearers: linguistic items (sentences, u... Read more
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Truthlikeness Truth is the aim of inquiry. Despite this, progress in an inquiry does not always consist in supplanting falsehoods with truths. The history of science is replete with cases of falsehood... Read more