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Transistors Transistors are used in almost every electronic device now made. A transistor is an electrically controlled resistor that has three terminals: two for the end-to-end flow of electrical cur... Read more
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American Physicists William B. Shockley, Walter H. Brattain, and John Bardeen Produce the First Transistor, Initiating the Semiconductor Revolution Overview In 1947 Bell Laboratories scientists invent... Read more
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Transistor The transistor is the fundamental component of most analog and digital circuits. A transistor consists of a piece semiconducting crystal (usually silicon, but sometimes germanium or gallium... Read more
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Transistor Since World War II, no invention has made a larger impact on the communications field than the transistor, which replaced old-fashioned vacuum tubes in electronic equipment. The transistor ... Read more
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Transistors A transistor, broadly speaking, is a solid-state switch that allows a small signal to control a large signal, such as a current flow. The first transistor was invented by John Bardeen, Wal... Read more