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Tobacco: Dependence In the United States as of 1999, there were about 57 million cigarette smokers-representing 25 percent of the adult population. Another 5 percent (men) use smokeless tobacco (chewi... Read more
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Tobacco: Dependence Just under a quarter of all adults in the United States were current cigarette smokers as of 1999. Although it is illegal in every state to sell cigarettes to people under age 18, ... Read more
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Smoke Inhalation Definition Smoke inhalation is breathing in smoke. Smoke contains many substances that can cause damage to the human body. Description The most common cause of smoke inhalation is fir... Read more
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Cigarette Smoking The cigarette, a paper-wrapped roll of delicately cut tobacco, has been smoked by humans for centuries. The inhaling and exhaling of fumes of burning plant material was first introdu... Read more
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Smoke Inhalation Smoke inhalation is breathing in the harmful gases, vapors, and particulate matter contained in smoke. Smoke inhalation typically occurs in victims or firefighters caught in a fire, b... Read more
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Cigarette Smoke Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 identified compounds. Many are known irritants and carcinogens. Since the first Surgeon General's Report on smoking and health in 1964... Read more
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Smoking Use of cigarettes and other tobacco products to engage in a habit that almost always leads to addiction. Every day 3,000 young people light up their first cigarette; every year a million teena... Read more
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Tobacco Smoke Tobacco smoke has long been recognized as a major cause of mortality and morbidity, responsible for an estimated 434,000 deaths per year in the United States. It is also a source of indo... Read more