The Women of Chateau Lafayette Summary
Stephanie Dray

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The Women of Chateau Lafayette Overview

Stephanie Dray’s “The Women of Chateau Lafayette” is historical fiction and spans three transformative, war-torn periods in both the United States and France. Three progressive women act as protectors of the Chavaniac-Lafayette chateau and the ideals that it represents. Adrienne de Lafayette, born to the Noailles, uses her powerful family’s political influence and wealth to turn the tides of France to be in favor of both the American Revolutionary War and the French Revolution. Over 100 years later, actress-turned-humanitarian Beatrice overcomes her famous husband’s influence to make a name for herself and establish the preventorium at the chateau during WWI. Marthe, an orphaned child of the chateau, grows up fierce-willed and fiery, playing her part as a forger for Jews during WWII. Themes of progression, resistance, persistence, love, sexuality, and hope pervade this inspiring novel.

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