The Silent Wife Summary
A. S. A. Harrison

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The Silent Wife Overview

"The Silent Wife" is the story of a long-term relationship that has run its course but the ending is anything but civilized. Jodi Brett and Todd Gilbert have been a couple for 20 years and a string of Todd's infidelities. Jodi plays the "silent wife" through it all, but his recent indiscretion with the daughter of his best friend, Dean Kovacs, has led to pregnancy and Jodi's life is about to be turned upside down, something she cannot allow to happen. Todd is a very successful real estate developer in Chicago but he cannot maintain a residence for him, the girl and his soon-to-be child as well as the upscale condo he and Jodi have shared. When Todd's attorney informs Jodi that she is to vacate the condo, Jodi is not willing to let go of her lifestyle so she finds another solution. Jodi sells off valuable personal items to pay for a hit man to kill Todd while she is at a business conference in Florida. Todd is shot while sitting in his Porsche at a stop light and Jodi returns home to face questioning from the police. Jodi is convinced that she will be arrested and found guilty for Todd's murder but in a shocking twist, she is informed that Dean had paid to have Todd murdered and has been arrested for the crime. Jodi will inherit everything in Todd's will and her lifestyle will remain intact, all her problems solved.

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