The One-in-a-Million Boy Summary
Monica Wood

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The One-in-a-Million Boy Overview

The One-in-a-Million Boy is a novel set primarily in Portland, Maine. The main characters are a 104-year-old woman named Ona Vitkus, an 11-year-old boy referred to only as “the boy,” and the boy’s father, Quinn. The boy had committed to helping Ona with chores once per week as part of Boy Scouts community service, but after a few months, the boy died suddenly due to a heart condition. After the boy’s death, Quinn agrees to take over the boy’s responsibilities at Ona’s house. Quinn, who was a largely absent father, deeply regrets his inattentiveness after his son’s death. He learns that Ona and the boy had formed a close friendship, and Quinn begins to form a close friendship with Ona as well. The novel explores themes of family, friendship, identity, grief, and fulfillment.

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