The Moon and the Face Summary
Patricia A. McKillip

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The Moon and the Face Summary

The Moon and the Face is a deftly woven story that incorporates elements of both fantasy and science fiction. It is set four years after the events of MoonFlash, which recounted the journey of Terje and Kyreol, two young lovers, to the Domecity from their home in the Riverworld. Before they embarked on their journey of discovery, the inhabitants of the Riverworld had believed they were alone on the planet of Thanos. Kyreol and Terje discover that there are other lands outside of Riverworld, and they have spent the past four years living in Domecity, where Kyreol is reunited with her mother, Nara. Readers are introduced to only a few of the inhabitants of Domecity, a technologically advanced society, but they are all members of an "Interplanetary Cultural Agency" whose aim is the exploration and study of different cultures.

Both Kyreol and Terje join in these endeavors but...

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