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The Matrix As I watched the Matrix I noticed that the Character's names were strange and had to have some sort of meaning. On the Internet I was able to learn what each name meant. I learned that th... Read more
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What is The Matrix? The movie simply describes it as a dream world for people to live in without any knowledge of the truth. Or is it a present day interpretation of philosophical questions we asked o... Read more
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The matrix is a film that launches the audience into an action packed frenzy right from the beginning of the film. The film also gets us thinking straight away about what the matrix is, what the code ... Read more
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"The Matrix is everywhere, it's all around us, here even in this room...It's the world that has been pulled over our eyes to blind us from the truth." - Morpheus The single most important theological... Read more
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In many films, references are made to other films or books, in order to enhance the meaning of the plot, characters and setting. By 'borrowing' substance from other texts, parallels are recognised and... Read more
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`The Matrix' has warped our reality, questioned human existence and re-kindled the discussions of four famous philosophers: Plato, Descartes, Aristotle and Locke. Like a splinter in the mind, the ques... Read more
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The Matrix is a nothing but a virtual reality that shows no depth or meaning, only a life that people think they are living. On the other hand, there is the real world. This is a place of harsh rea... Read more
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The Matrix consists of living in a way that truth and reality have different meanings. The body and the soul are two separate components of the mind, which both affect oneself in The Matrix. Yet, "the... Read more
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In the movie The Matrix we find a character by the name of Neo and his struggle adapting to the reality. This story is closely similar to an ancient Greek text written by Plato called "The ... Read more
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Both Ray Bradbury in his short stories "There will come soft rains" and "The Pedestrian" and the Wachowski brothers in "The Matrix" (1999), use the prevailing fears and anxieties of their composing co... Read more
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In my essay I will be discussing my understanding of the way perceptions of freedom and choice are shaped in the texts I have chosen. I will be basing these questions around four different text ... Read more
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In the film "The Matrix," I'm going to talk to you about Freedom in relation to the matrix, the complexities that this film portrays and the relationships between the three main characters - Morpheu... Read more
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The Matrix" contradicts and proves Romanowski's God-inspired views on our post-modern society by wrongly tolerating and justifying violence when it is incorporated into a modern Christian message. The... Read more
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Friedrich Nietzsche once said that `God is dead' because he thought that science had gone so far that the idea of God could be dismissed. We have gone so far that even God's miracles like healing th... Read more