The Lodge of the Lynx Summary
Katherine Kurtz

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The Lodge of the Lynx Summary

The central theme of the Adept series is the struggle between good and evil.

It has raged from humanity's early days until the present. In The Lodge of the Lynx Kurtz hints that not only have the motives of evildoers little changed from age to age, but the same supernatural forces may continue to give them aid. The same is true of protectors of the good.

This dualism is very near the traditional Christian belief in the struggle between God and Satan, but the book does not confine itself to Christian imagery. Beings who resemble Christian saints and angels do appear on the metaphysical plane. Adam also meets entities drawn from Egyptian myth and other lore, as well as unpersonified influences of light and grace. The Lynx masters call on an ancient Pictish god, Taranis the Thunderer, to lend them power.

Power is the central drive behind the...

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