The Jane Austen Society Summary
Natalie Jenner

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The Jane Austen Society Overview

The Jane Austen Society is a novel by Natalie Jenner. It is a historical novel that reimagines how Jane Austen’s House Museum was established. The museum is located in Austen's home of Chawton, Hampshire, England. The novel itself takes place decades after Austen's death. From 1932 to 1947, the novel follows the perspectives of the unlikely members of the Jane Austen Society: a farmer, a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a distant relative of Jane Austen, a movie star, and more. Many of these characters are burdened by loss, and they find comfort and connection by sharing their love of Jane Austen. They overcome forces that wish to be rid of her legacy, and they successfully preserve that legacy in the aforementioned museum. This novel explores themes of marriage, friendship, loss, legacy, and literature.

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