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Sharon Guskin

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The Forgetting Time Overview

Sharon Guskin’s debut novel, The Forgetting Time, explores the connection between children and their past lives. Four-year old Noah lives in Brooklyn with his single mother Janie. Terrified of water and plagued by nightmares of drowning, Noah constantly asks when, “his other mother” is coming, and he begs to go home, even though he already is home. Research and the help of Dr. Jerome Anderson, a psychiatrist specializing in helping children remember their past lives, brings Noah and Janie to the doorsteps of Denise Crawford. Denise’s only son, Tommy disappeared seven years earlier and her life has been numb and colorless ever since. When Noah arrives in her life, it becomes clear that Noah is Tommy, and Denise can finally start to heal. The Forgetting Time investigates human connections, the power of a mother’s love, reincarnation and the fluidity of time.

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