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H. P. Lovecraft

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The Dunwich Horror Overview

The "Dunwich Horror" is a 1928 short story by cult-favorite horror author H.P. Lovecraft. The story is one of many Lovecraft stories in the "Cthulhu Mythos," a group of stories within the same universe where occasionally humans encounter the existence of ancient beings known as the Old Ones. "The Dunwich Horror" is a recollection regarding a young man named WIlbur Whateley, who was born to an albino mother, impregnated by the Old One, Yog-Shothoth. After the boy's birth, the town became the home of strange noises. The story goes on to reveal the existence of a second offspring of the Old One after Wilbur's death. Eventually, a final confrontation takes place between three university professors and the offspring, the Dunwich Horror.

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