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Lacey, Catherine

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The Answers Overview

The contemporary young adult novel, The Answers, written by Catherine Lacey follows Mary through her journey after she becomes involved with a mysterious research study, The Girlfriend Experiment, in order to pay her exorbitant medical bills resulting from an undiagnosed illness. She narrates the story from her own perspective as she becomes one of many girlfriends to famous actor Kurt Sky who is attempting to uncover the meaning of - and purpose for - love. As the designated Emotional Girlfriend, Mary is expected to provide support without stepping into a more intimate role designed for another team of women. Despite these boundaries, her role grows ever more complicated as the two move closer and closer, pushing against the parameters of the experiment. They continue to explore themselves and the nature of their relationship moving to an ultimate conclusion about the meaning of love, the limits of human intimacy, and what drives people to connect with others.