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Rising Telephone Use During the war years only about one-half of American homes had telephones. Before the war residents and civilian businesses rarely made long-distance calls. Long-distance calling ... Read more
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Telephone The telephone is a device for conducting spoken conversations across any distance beyond the range of the unaided human ear or the unamplified human voice. It works by transferring the atmos... Read more
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Telephone The telephone is a device for electrically transmitting voice communications over wire and is based on the fact that the human voice vibrates air. In the phone, this air vibrates a diaphragm... Read more
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Telephone Skills Telephones are devices that allow the user to communicate messages across lines electronically. One can easily communicate with those both nearby and far away using the telephone by s... Read more
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Telephone Industry, Regulation Of Commercial telephone service began in the United States in 1877. Recognizing the advantage of monopolistic control over the industry, the fledgling Bell Telephone Com... Read more
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Telephone Industry, Technology Of The public switched telephone network (PSTN) in the United States operated as a virtual monopoly from 1877 until the government-sanctioned breakup of American Telepho... Read more
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Telephone Telephone technology allows a person to talk to nearly anyone in any place who has similar equipment. There are substantial ethical questions related to the uses and abuses of the telephone.... Read more