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Classification Systems There are more than five million different species on Earth. While each species represents the end point of a unique evolutionary path, biologists do not treat each one as compl... Read more
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Taxonomist Taxonomy is the naming, describing, and classification of all living organisms and fossils. It is an important part of systematics, the field of biology that deals with the diversity of lif... Read more
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Taxonomist Taxonomy, or systematics, is the study of the kinds of organisms and their evolutionary history and relationships. Plant taxonomists collect and study groups of plants, focusing on the ways... Read more
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Taxonomy, History Of The origin of plant taxonomy goes back centuries, and there are thought-provoking parallels between folk classifications and those produced in more recent times. The Swedish botan... Read more
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Microbial Taxonomy Microbial taxonomy is a means by which microorganisms can be grouped together. Organisms having similarities with respect to the criteria used are in the same group, and are separat... Read more