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Interactions, Plant-Fungal Fungi are the most common parasites of plants, causing many kinds of diseases. Nonetheless, a fungus often parasitizes a plant without causing harm, and it may even be benef... Read more
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Interactions, Plant-Insect Insect-plant interaction refers to the activities of two types of organisms: insects that seek out and utilize plants for food, shelter, and/or egg-laying sites, and the pla... Read more
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Interactions, Plant-Plant In plant communities each plant might interact in a positive, negative, or neutral manner. Plants often directly or indirectly alter the availability of resources and the phy... Read more
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Interactions, Plant-Vertebrate Because plants can photosynthesize, they form the base of food chains in most ecosystems. During the past five hundred million years, vertebrates have evolved many metho... Read more
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Symbiosis Symbiosis is simply defined as living together. Scientists use this term to describe intimate relationships between members of different species. By definition there are at least two species... Read more
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Symbiosis Symbiosis is a close association and interaction between organisms of two or more species. Symbiotic relationships that have occurred over long periods of time may have resulted in evolution... Read more
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Microbial Symbiosis Symbiosis is generally defined as a condition where two dissimilar organisms live together in an intimate associate that sees both organisms benefit. Microbial symbiosis tends to b... Read more
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Symbiosis In the broad sense, symbiosis means simply "living together"—the union of two separately evolved organisms into a single functional unit regardless of the positive or ... Read more