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Servicing and Repair When the space shuttle system became operational in the 1980s, access to space began to take on a whole new outlook. Space was about to become a place to carry out work as well as... Read more
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Space Shuttle Before the invention of the space shuttle, the world's first reusable spacecraft, rockets were used to put a tiny capsule carrying human space travelers into orbit. Stage by stage... Read more
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Space Shuttles Overview At the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the space shuttle program goes by the name Space Transportation System (STS). The shuttle program, as... Read more
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Space Shuttle The space shuttle is a reusable spacecraft that takes off like a rocket, travels around the earth like a spacecraft, and then lands once again like a glider. The first space shuttle was ... Read more
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Space Shuttles Perhaps no U.S. space program has borne witness to such great triumph and tragedy as that of the space shuttle program. Known officially as the Space Transportation System (STS), the sp... Read more
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Space Shuttle James C. Fletcher "NASA Document III-31: The Space Shuttle" Published in November 22, 1971; reprinted from Exploring the Unknown: Selected Documents in the History of the U... Read more
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Space Shuttle About the size of a DC-9 commercial airliner, the shuttle is a high-tech, rocket -boosted space craft. The shuttle is launched vertically like any other rocket, using its own engines fir... Read more
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Space stations were initially envisioned by scientists and science fiction writers as great wheels in the sky inhabited by dozens of crew members studying Earth from afar, conducting scientific resear... Read more