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Sound Sound is produced by the vibration of some sort of material. In a piano, a hammer strikes a steel string, causing the string to vibrate. A guitar string is plucked and vibrates. A violin string ... Read more
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Nineteenth-Century Advances in the Mathematical Theory and Understanding of Sound Overview The nineteenth century saw the development of the mathematical techniques and experimental methods needed to ... Read more
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Sound Transmission Sound waves are pressure waves that travel through Earth's crust, water bodies, and atmosphere. Natural sound frequencies specify the frequency attributes of sound waves that... Read more
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Sonic Spectrum The sonic spectrum is broken into three basic parts: infrasound, audible sound, and ultrasound. Infrasound is sound that is below the human threshold of hearing, about 20 Hz. Ultrasound... Read more
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Sound Sound is produced when an object vibrates. When something vibrates, it transfers kinetic energy to the molecules of the medium surrounding it. This kinetic energy causes the molecules in the med... Read more
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Sound "Sound" according to Aristotle's De Anima (418a12) and George Berkeley's First Dialogue, is the special, or proper, object of hearing. G. J. Warnock, in his Berkeley,... Read more