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Social Contract for Science The social contract for science is an evocative ideological construct used to describe the relationship between the political and scientific communities. Participants in sc... Read more
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Social Contract Theory The idea of a social contract can have broad and narrow meanings. In the broad sense a social contract can simply be short hand for expectations in relations between individuals... Read more
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Social Contract [addendum] Contemporary social contract theory is practically identified with the work of John Rawls (1921–2002). In his best known book, A Theory of Justice, Rawls attempts to ... Read more
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Social Contract "Social contract" is the name given to a group of related and overlapping concepts and traditions in political theory. Like other such aggregations in philosophy and inte... Read more
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Contractualism Contractualism, as a distinctive account of moral reasoning, was originally advanced by T. M. Scanlon in his widely admired paper "Contractualism and Utilitarianism" (1982... Read more