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Freud and Cocaine Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), Austrian neurologist and founder of PSYCHOANALYSIS, became interested in COCAINE in the early 1880s. At the time he was in his late twenties and was a medi... Read more
2,923 words, approx. 10 pages
Freud, Sigmund FREUD, SIGMUND (1856–1939), originator of psychoanalysis, a method of treating those mental disorders commonly designated as the neuroses. Psychoanalysis began as a method of hea... Read more
564 words, approx. 2 pages
Sigmund Freud 1856-1939 Austrian Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud forever altered the ways humankind looked at its own thought processes. His groundbreaking work in psychology aroused intense feelings and c... Read more
748 words, approx. 3 pages
Sigmund Freud 1856-1939 Austrian Neurologist and Psychiatrist Between 1895 and 1939 Sigmund Freud created psychoanalysis, a therapy for the mentally ill, a tool for cultural criticism, and a field of ... Read more
19,135 words, approx. 64 pages
Freud, Sigmund Schlomo 1856–1939 AUSTRIAN PHYSICIAN, PSYCHIATRIST VIENNA UNIVERSITY, M.D., 1881 Brief Overview Although Sigmund Freud was not the first person to formally study psychology, many... Read more
2,815 words, approx. 10 pages
Freud, Sigmund (1856-1939) Sigmund Freud is widely known as the founding father of psychoanalysis, and is probably the most famous and influential theorist and practitioner in the field of psychology ... Read more
1,213 words, approx. 5 pages
Freud, Sigmund The psychologist Sigmund Freud (1856–1939), who was born in Freiberg (now Príbor in the Czech Republic) on May 6 of Jewish parents and educated as a medical doctor in Vien... Read more
2,252 words, approx. 8 pages
Freud, Sigmund (1856-1939) Sigmund Freud was the founder of psychoanalysis, a system of psychological therapy and personality theory that remains one of the most influential and controversial in psych... Read more
9,391 words, approx. 32 pages
Freud, Sigmund(1856–1939) Sigmund Freud was the father of psychoanalysis, but—contrary to much apocryphal lore that dies hard—certainly not the originator of the hypothesis that u... Read more
5,394 words, approx. 18 pages
On Dreams by Sigmund Freud Apioneer in exploring the hidden workings of the human mind, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), the founder of psychoanalysis, has been called the most influential thinker of the... Read more
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