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LeAnne Howe

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Shell Shaker Overview

LeAnne Howe's Shell Shaker is a novel that traces the history of several generations of Choctaw women. The origin story of the family involves a mythical woman, Grandmother of Birds, saving her people from war and becoming a peacemaker who dances with shells on her ankles for tranquility. Her descendants run into trouble during the 1700's when Anoleta marries a man named Red Shoes who brings war to the Choctaws through his greed and desire to trade with the English. In 1991, the reincarnation of Anoleta, Auda, once again finds herself entangled with the spirit of Red Shoes in the form of Redford McAlester, the corrupt Choctaw Chief who betrays his people to work with the mafia and open casinos that he embezzles money from. The novel explores racism, tribalism, magic, memory, and story.

Lesson Plan

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