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487 words, approx. 2 pages
The attempts of the British socialist pioneer Robert Owen (1771-1858) to reconstruct society widely influenced social experimentation and the cooperative movement.Robert Owen was born in Newtown, Wale... Read more
2,556 words, approx. 9 pages
Robert Owen is best known as the founder of British socialism, as an ardent critic of inhumane industrialization, as a pioneering feminist, and as the proponent of just and fulfilling systems of econo... Read more
7,911 words, approx. 27 pages
The eighty-seven years of Robert Owen's life can be divided into two phases, each as extraordinary as they are extraordinarily different. In his first four decades Owen rose from obscure origins and s... Read more
848 words, approx. 3 pages
Robert Owen is considered one of the original socialists. His ideas about cooperation and workers' rights laid the foundation for socialist principles and trade unions and influenced thinkers such as ... Read more