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Recycling Earth Day 1970 suggested to millions of Americans that environmental concern could be expressed locally. Through organized activities, many citizens found that they could actively improve th... Read more
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Recycling The chemistry of recycling involves the treatment of commercial products to remove and isolate components for reuse in other products. The materials most commonly recycled are paper products... Read more
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Recycling Recycling is a way to conserve natural resources by salvaging metals, paper, plastic, glass, and other materials used in packaging and industry, and turning them into new and usable products... Read more
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Battery Recycling The United States consumes over $10.4 billion in batteries annually, powering everything from children's toys to hearing aids. Because batteries contain certain toxic substa... Read more
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National Recycling Coalition Founded in 1978, the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) is a non-profit organization comprised of concerned individuals and environmental, labor, and business organizati... Read more
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Precycling Precycling is source reduction and reuse. In most waste management planning the hierarchy is Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Reduction and reuse are the first lines of defense against increasin... Read more
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Recyclables Recyclables are products or materials that can be separated from the waste stream and used again in place of raw materials. Since colonial times, Americans have recycled a host of materi... Read more
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Recycling Recycling waste is not a new idea. Throughout history, people have disposed garbage in myriad ways. They fed household garbage to domestic animals. Scavengers gleaned the waste stream for ... Read more
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Resource Recovery Resource recovery is the process of recovering materials or energy from solid waste for reuse. The aim is to make the best use of the economic, environmental, and social costs of t... Read more
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Recycling Recycling is any process that involves the recovery and reuse of materials that were once considered trash. Recycling can be as simple as reusing something—such as a coat or computer&... Read more
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“They live in the closet like ghosts of simpler times. Dead monitors. Obsolete PCs. Fried printers. A lot of junk has collected after 20 years of the PC.” —P.J. Huffstutter, technolo... Read more
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In 1994, researchers discovered unusually high rates of lupus and multiple myeloma (a bone marrow cancer) among Arizona residents in Tucson and Nogales. These researchers theorized that the high rates... Read more