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Racism [addendum] Racism is the view that (1) the human species is composed of different racial groups, (2) these groups are arranged hierarchically from least to most superior, and (3) superior group... Read more
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Racism "Racism" is the doctrine that one group of men is morally or mentally superior to another and that this superiority arises out of inherited biological differences. Of the modern t... Read more
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Racism Racism has two broad meanings. First and most commonly, racism refers to the belief that there exist biologically defined races, or categories of human beings in which membership is determined ... Read more
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Gender and Race In the United States between 1783 and 1815, only white adult males enjoyed the full range of privileges of citizenship that almost all U.S. citizens take for granted in the twenty-firs... Read more
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Nineteen sixty-three was a pivotal year in the history of race relations in the United States. In April of that year, Martin Luther King Jr. and several other civil rights leaders initiated a nonviole... Read more