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Ptolemy PTOLEMY (c. 100–170), Alexandrian astronomer, geographer, and mathematician. The last of the great astronomers of antiquity, Claudius Ptolemaeus (Ptolemy) compiled works that remained t... Read more
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Ptolemy (Claudius Ptolemaeus) 100?-170? Greek mathematician, astronomer, and geographer whose major work, the Almagest, is a large mathematical text that describes the movement of the heavens. A Roman... Read more
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Ptolemy c. 100-c. 170 Greek Astronomer and Geographer Ptolemy is known historically through his written works. His earliest and most noted treatise is the 13-volume set commonly known as the Almagest,... Read more
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Ptolemy (Ca. 100-170) Greek astronomer Very little is known about Ptolemy's early life. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, as Ptolemais Hermii, his name was later latinized as Claudius Ptolemaeus, and ... Read more