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Plate Tectonic Theory and the Unification of the Earth Sciences Overview It took nearly a century for scientists to accept the idea that continents were not forever fixed in their places, but had, in ... Read more
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Convergent Plate Boundary In terms of plate tectonics, collision boundaries are sites where lithospheric plates move together and the resulting compression causes either subduction (where one or both ... Read more
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Plate Tectonics Plate tectonics is the theory explaining geologic changes that result from the movement of lithospheric plates over the asthenosphere (the molten, ductile, upper portion of the earth&#... Read more
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Plate Tectonics The important geologic theory of plate tectonics (tecton - "to build") asserts that the Earth's surface is composed of about seven major blocks, or plates, and many more minor plates t... Read more
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Plate Tectonics Anyone who looks carefully at a map of the Atlantic Ocean is likely to be struck by an interesting point. The eastern coastline of South America bears a striking similarity to the we... Read more