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The Constitutional Convention of 1787 formed the longest lasting written Constitution ever created. Though the United States existed before the ratification of the Constitution, it only had the Articl... Read more
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In 1787, fifty-five men traveled to Philadelphia for the Constitutional Convention. Each man brought with him his own individual and unique ideas about what should be contained in the Constitution. ... Read more
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The Framers of our Constitution were wise, insightful men who attempted to consider the aspects of an efficient government foundation. Many of their doctrines have proved sound and strong over the tw... Read more
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Preface: The Generation Some people thought that American independence was Manifest Destiny, '"'Tom Paine, for example, claimed that it was simply a matter of common sense that an island could not r... Read more
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The Duel The Duel was between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Burr challenged Hamilton to the duel because Hamilton had been making demeaning remarks about Burr. The specific remarks that really ... Read more
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Tahleah Brownlee 10-16-05 Essay- Constitutional Convention pd. 8(9) Compromise was used in the Constitutional Convention of 1787 to solve conflict from major problems in the new nation.... Read more