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Ozymandias Overview

"Ozymandias" is a sonnet written by Percy Bysshe Shelley. The poem focuses on a traveler's encounter with an ancient statue of Ramses II. The poem warns of the results of hubris, especially for tyrannical leaders.

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646 words, approx. 3 pages
The first impression we get from the title is mystery. ´Ozymandias` does not mean anything to us, even knowing that it is a name, it would seem fairy strange to us. At the end of the first sent... Read more
682 words, approx. 3 pages
The poem shows the magnificent power of nature over the works of mankind. Percy Shelley was born in 1792, where in his time the different wonders found within this world where very much appreciated a... Read more
225 words, approx. 1 pages
Percy Bysshe Shelley is a nineteenth century English poet. I read his Ozmandias poem. Ozmandias is a sonnet with fourteen lines and a specific pattern and rhythm. It was written as a friendly and info... Read more
974 words, approx. 4 pages
The poem "Ozymandias" is one of the best sonnets of Percy Bysshe Shelley. In this poem Shelley described a mighty king who was striving in his whole life for his possessions and got involved in worl... Read more
293 words, approx. 1 pages
Who is Ozymandias a Symbol of" Ozymandias, a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley, was written in 1818. During the 13th Century B.C., Ozymandias was a pharaoh of Egypt. He was a tyrant who believed that he w... Read more
558 words, approx. 2 pages
Great Men Ozymandias and Ulysses were distinguished men in the eyes of the authors that wrote the poems about these two characters. The personas in the poems are "great" men who share similar qualiti... Read more

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