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Niels Henrik David Bohr 1885-1962 Danish Physicist Niels Bohr was the first to apply quantum theory in a consistent model to explain the arrangement of electrons in the atom. Bohr's model accou... Read more
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Historic Dispute : in His Classic Debate with Albert Einstein, Was Niels Bohr Correct in His Approach to Interpreting the World in Light of the Newly Discovered Field of Quantum Mechanics? Viewpoint: ... Read more
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Bohr, Niels (1885-1962) Danish physicist Niels Bohr received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1922 for the quantum mechanical model of the atom that he had developed a decade earlier, the most significan... Read more
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Bohr, Niels(1885–1962) Quantum physics is often credited with far-reaching metaphysical and epistemological implications, including the denial of causality and determinism and the existence of ... Read more