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Neoplatonism NEOPLATONISM is the Platonic philosophy interpreted by Plotinus (205–270 CE), systematized in his Enneads and further developed by others through the sixth century. From the first ... Read more
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Causation in Islamic Philosophy According to the Qurʾanic position, God is the voluntary creator of the universe. In causal theory, one finds an apparently necessary connection between cause an... Read more
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Neoplatonism [addendum] When Islam took over the Middle East it came into contact with a flourishing local culture heavily influenced by Greek thought. As far as philosophy was concerned, neoplatonism... Read more
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Neoplatonism General Characterization Neoplatonism was the dominant philosophical current in late antiquity, and it had a lasting influence in the Middle Ages when it was adopted by Christian and Musl... Read more